Pop Up Space for Lease in Southern California

Find the right location – fashion, food, music, events & more

Get list of pop up space

Find the right spot – hourly and daily rentals

Find the perfect space for a modern apparel pop-up or even a combination temporary store

Art gallery pop-ups can be awesome and we can find the perfect spot for what you had in mind

Have a DJ and spot for a late night event or music related pop up idea?  All of Southern California is an option for just the right room and book to your time specifications

Need a specialty retail space for a few hours or a week?  Let us help you locate the ideal spot.  Modern, classical, the right parking situation, scene etc.

Even food, coffee, and restaurant spots to promote or test a concept is an option.  Let us know what you need and we’ll find it

Need a bigger and more equipped restaurant pop-up?  We can help locate that too. Downtown LA, Highland Park, and Silverlake could be perfect

Flexibility + Features

In today’s modern business environment, long-term leasing and inflexible spaces are a thing of the past.  Modern, transparent flexible pricing with access to distribution hubs, improvements, custom racks and storage systems, networking, and adding or reducing space easily is what it is about.

1. Find the Best Space Options

Our advanced data-driven lists and research process will save you time and help find the ultimate spot.

2. Hyper Local Research

Comps, vendors, local, who’s in the area.  All of this matters and getting it right upon leasing is the smartest thing you can do.

3. The Right Lease Terms

We’ll advise on the most favorable lease terms and due dilligence to make sure you are protected and get what your business needs.

Get list of amazing pop up space available for rent

Pop Up Store Leasing Questions

How important is location? 

The location should be close to employees and distribution centers.  Each municipality is different, and each building and space is different.  Vetting the owners and having everything you need is key.

Modern Design

Do you want to have a space that is turnkey and/or customizeable?  Your business is unique and the proper design, lighting, feel, and customizability is key.

What is a reasonable lease duration?

That is the best part many pop up spaces can go more flexible and from hourly to daily in duration for so many types of businesses.  This will give you some negotiating room and structuring a lease that fits your business. 

Capital improvements and the RIGHT feel

That is the cool thing a lot of offices are blank slates on the inside with industrial materials so you can negotiate any improvements but likely won’t.

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